Medhum Fiction |Daily Dose is a combined blog that promotes the medical humanities and intersections between self and story. Our mission: promote authors (fiction and non-fiction) and share perspectives about narrative, medicine, history, anthropology and sociology across cultures and disciplines. We seek to engage those working at the intersection, intrepid souls adding to our shared knowledge of what it means to be human.


DailyDose_PosterThe Daily Dose invites guest posts to share perspectives about medicine, medical history, and humanities across cultures and disciplines. We welcome anthropological and sociological accounts that speak to themes of access, social welfare, cultural and historical practice.

FictionReboot2MedHum Fiction features guest posts on a specific aspect of the craft of writing, authors’ reflections on the relationship between research and fiction writing, excerpts from works in progress, and author interviews (we also welcome “blog tour” stops).

DailyDose2Book Reviews provides (and invites) excellent reviews of medhum fiction and non-fiction books. It is our aim to engage in the wider conversation and promote those who–as researchers, readers, historians, and healers–add to our shared knowledge of literature and medicine.

Brandy L. Schillace, MA, PhD – Chief Editor [contact me] or visit brandyschillace.com
Anna Clutterbuck-Cook, MA, MLS – Book Review Editor and theFeministLibrarian
Hanna Clutterbuck-Cook, MA – Medhum Series Editor and Project Coordinator, Medical Heritage Library

Previous staff-members:
Tabatha Hanly, MA – Friday Feature Series Editor

An author, historian, and editor, Brandy Schillace is managing editor of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry and Research Associate/Public Engagement Fellow for the Dittrick Museum of Medical History. Dr. Schillace writes fiction and non-fiction and blogs for Inside Higher EdHuffington Post, Belt Magazine and the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham (UK). Her recent book DEATH’S SUMMER COAT addresses the history of death and dying, and is available from E&T Press (UK) and Pegasus (US). Her next project, on the history and science behind “steampunk,” can be previewed in her recent TEDx talk.