Ours is a storied past; health and humanity intertwine and frequently serve as catalysts for creative expression. How does fiction help us to know our bodies and ourselves? Classic fiction, from Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, and Dracula to best sellers The Yard, A Fatal Likeness, and The Anatomist’s Apprentice (all featured here) owe a lot to science and medicine–and the reverse is also true. The Fiction Reboot and the Daily Dose is dedicated to those intersections. Join us as we move beyond the discipline specific and into the wide and welcoming plains. Fiction and literature, science and history, anthropology and religion: the world is more interesting at the intersection.

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FictionReboot2The Fiction Reboot provides useful tips and information for writers, weekly fiction features and interviews with authors of fiction and poetry. We seek to promote new talent as well as established authors and are happy to provide a platform for book launches and blog tours.

DailyDose_PosterThe Daily Dose shares perspectives about medicine and humanities, including anthropology, history, social medicine, etc., across cultures and disciplines. We promote those who–as academics, physicians, alt-acs, independent scholars, and intrepid souls–add to our shared knowledge of medicine, literature, and the search for what it means to be human.

Brandy_0431_EDIT2smallABOUT THE EDITOR
A medical humanities scholar, writer, and reviewer, Dr. Schillace explores cultural production, history of science, and intersections of medicine and literature. She is managing editor of Culture, Medicine, and Psychiatry and Research Associate/Guest Curator for the Dittrick Museum of Medical History. Dr. Schillace has written fiction and non-fiction and blogs for Inside Higher EdHuffington Post, Belt Magazine and the Centre for Medical Humanities, Durham (UK). She teaches for Case Western Reserve University and develops medical humanities curriculum for the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College. This blog investigates the nexus of these interests–promoting the interstices of history, medicine, culture and fiction: Welcome to the Fiction Reboot and Literary Medicine’s Daily Dose!FOLLOW